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Bjorn Johansen Construction, LLC Biography:

Bjorn Johansen, owner of Bjorn Johansen Construction, LLC is a Utah County custom home builder and has been building custom homes since 1979.  Bjorn prides himself on building a beautiful, functional, custom home for a reasonable price.  He will sit down with each client right from the beginning and really listen to what matters to you. 

Bjorn has built many homes over his 37 year career and very seldom, if ever, has he built the same home twice.  He feels this sets him apart from other custom homebuilders.  When building a custom home, it is different from building a production home.  With a production home, the builders already know how the home comes together as they have built it over and over.  A custom home is just that, custom.  Bjorn has the ability and knowhow to work through problems that may arise and can address those problems with confidence, which is invaluable to you, the client.

Bjorn is a people person who is easygoing, yet firm.  He works well with all subcontractors and will be involved in every step of the building process.   He is straightforward and deals with each client in a professional and friendly manner.  He is organized and detail oriented, making the building process a smooth one.  He will make sure to stay on or ahead of schedule by scheduling subcontractors ahead of time to minimize down time.


Here is what one of Bjorn Johansen Construction’s satisfied clients had to say:

     "Bjorn Johansen has asked that I recommend him as a contractor.  This I am most happy to do.  Bjorn has done remodeling projects for my parents’ home and did a beautiful job.  As I started the process of building my own home, my parents highly recommended Bjorn as a very honest, hard working contractor, whose work was top quality.  As we started drawing up the plans, I was impressed with his sense of style and his great ideas.  Not only is he an excellent contractor, but he also has a great eye and works like an artist!  My home is a very well built home, and a work of art!  The finish work is very beautiful, and I get many compliments on it.  He was also excellent to work with.  He listed so well to my wishes that I trusted him to shop for me, knowing that he would choose exactly what I would have chosen; a rare quality in contractors today.  I don’t know a more patient and honest man.  He consulted me on every decision and valued my opinion.  He promised me that he would stick to the budget, and we did.  If he thought I needed better quality materials, he would consult me.  He is also a very good problem solver.  If anything came up he would have ideas of how he could solve the problem.  He hired good subs and oversaw their work in a respectful manner.  He not only built my house, he created a home.  I absolutely LOVE IT!  I highly recommend Bjorn to anyone needing a good honest, reliable contractor."    ~ Suzanne H. Wilson, Homeowner

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